Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Bergen Record Advertisements

Full page ad in today's Bergen Record and Herald News newspapers.  There is also a smaller ad running as well.  Ads are in the Better Living section and would have cost around $30,000 if I had to pay for them.  Thank you North Jersey Media Group!

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

ShopThe Record.com

My work is now live and for sale on the ShopThe Record site.  The first ads will run this Sunday, 2/9/14 in the Bergen Record and Herald News.  The show at the Wyckoff YMCA has been extended for another month.



Monday, February 03, 2014



Sorry for the wrong link and multiple posts, but what else is there to do on a snow day?

Maple Avenue House - Glen Rock, NJ

 First stage of underpainting underway.

I have entered into an agreement with North Jersey Media Group to sell some paintings, prints and custom home portraits on their new website, shoptherecord.com .  My work should be live on the site for sale in the next few days.  They will be doing extensive advertising of my work in The Record newspaper, 201 Magazine and various other local newspapers, magazines and websites that they own.  I believe the first ads are scheduled to start running next Sunday.

My beloved 4Runner was recently wrecked, and here is it's replacement.  We bought the 4Runner in 1998 to protect our then 2 year old son Mark.  Who knew that it would do just that 15 years later?

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