Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Short Stop Diner

oil on prepared panel

5"x 7"


This is the Short Stop Diner which is no longer extant. It is now a Dunkin Donuts (shivers down spine). How many donuts do we need people?!

I used to go to a bookstore in Montclair, New Jersey on a regular basis, and on the return trip I would have to pass this place in Bloomfield to get on the Garden State Parkway. Every time I passed by I thought, I should really paint that place. When I found out that this landmark was closing down I took a bunch of photographs with the intention of doing a large piece one day. The next thing I know, a good friend and legendary painter named John Baeder beats me to the punch by painting a phenomenal rendition of this joint that I had the extreme pleasure of seeing in person at OK Harris gallery in NYC. So I figured that I really couldn't do a large piece now (I can't top the Master!), so I decided to do a little one instead. And here it is. Enjoy!
If you find the time, I highly recommend going to John's website, www.johnbaeder.com
and taking a peek at what a true living Master is doing. He has been my inspiration for as long as I can recall. Thanks JB!

Thanks once again for looking!


Blogger Tracy said...

Funny, I was scrolling through your blog, looking at your work, thinking John Baeder, John Baeder. And then you write about him!

My husband has always admired his work (he did a series of photographs of diners when he was in college) and emailed a bit with him a few years ago. John was very nice.

And I like your work very much. I can really relate to the subject matter as well as your style. I used to paint in a fairly realistic manner as well and so I appreciate your paintings. I look forward to going through it some more!

7:01 PM  

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