Monday, November 27, 2006

The Blue Castle System

oil on prepared panel

5" x 7"


This is the Blue Castle System diner in Passaic, New Jersey.
I usually go into these places to have a small bite, shoot the breeze with the owners and employees and observe everything that I can. With this lovely location, I was very hesitant to even enter. The clientel were a little scary looking, and I wouldn't dare attempt to eat anything prepared there. That being said, it sure makes for a nice little painting from outside.
I was on one of my fact finding missions early one summer Sunday morning, and I just came across this charming old place and was totally knocked over by it. Some subjects just scream out to me....this was surely one of those times. I did a much larger version of this piece a few months back which is available for purchase through Kerygma Gallery in Ridgewood, New Jersey.

Thanks for looking!


Blogger Michael Leddy said...

I'm not sure what prompted me to search for "Blue Castle," but seeing your beautifully Hopperesque painting brought back memories. I used to eat at this place as a teenager, when playing in chess tournaments at the nearby Y. I always went in with a group. The hamburgers were served on hard rolls, I think, with enormous piles of onions.

I remember what looked like a bullethole in the window, a counterman with an eyepatch, and, one time, a customer -- an old lady -- with a terrifying bunch of chin whiskers, at least an inch long. Quite a slice of life.

3:23 PM  

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