Thursday, December 21, 2006

Rail Road Crossing

oil on prepared panel

7" x 5"


This piece depicts an old RR Xing sign at the border of Saddle Brook and Rochelle Park, New Jersey.
I don't have much to say about this except that I love industrial objects and views such as this. This is located just below an overpass for Interstate 80. I sometimes ride my bicycle around this area, passing under the massive superstructure that holds up the highway, marveling at what human beings are capable of building. This also happens to be located in an area that I like to refer to as one of my "vortex" locations.
There are a handful of these locations around Bergen County that seem to suck me in and demand that I paint them. I usually get multiple subjects from these spots, and I have no explanation for it. As I look back on my output, I'm noticing that quite a few of my painting subjects are grouped together in these areas.
Who says you have to go to Sedona, Arizona to find a vortex? They are right in your own back yard if you can open your eyes and mind and see them.

Thanks for seeing!


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