Monday, December 11, 2006


oil on prepared panel

5" x 7"


This is the world famous Hiram's hot dog roadstand in Fort Lee, New Jersey. For many years this place faced off against Callahan's hot dog stand which was located right across the street. A few months ago, Callahan's closed it's doors forever, leaving the all time hot dog heavyweight champ still standing!
In my opinion, the dogs at Hiram's are much more delicious than the ones offered up at the old Callahan's. In fact, I would say with absolute certainty that the Jersey rippers at Hiram's are quite simply the best ANYWHERE in the state. And I have consumed enough to be called an expert, to the dismay of my cardiologist!
One more thing about Hiram's....the two owners of this place, Pete and Jeff, have been the most generous and gracious hosts to me each and every time I have had the pleasure of seeing them there. Anything that I want from their magnificent menu, they give me free of charge. Of all the diners, barbershops and other local haunts that I frequent, they are the only owners to consistently do this for me, and I love them for it! I tip them heartily anyway, but it's the gesture that counts. Long live Hiram's!!!

Thanks for looking.


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