Monday, April 28, 2008

Tick Tock Diner - Clifton, New Jersey

This is the legendary Tick Tock diner
located on route 3 in Clifton, N.J.

Vi and Ron, I PROMISE that this is the last new painting that I shall start.
I should have 15 completed by September.  Thanks for being so patient, I just had to spit this last one out.  

One side note: one of the greatest books ever written about landscape painting has just been published in paperback.....Landscape Painting by Birge Harrison. 

I spent about 15 years looking for this book as a first edition hardcover, scouring the country from Maine to Seattle, Washington and back again, never actually finding it in any dusty old bookshop, then came the internet, and online booksellers and bingo......I now own 3 copies.  (I just bought the paperback anyway... for 11 bucks I couldn't resist.)    

I have been in the studio painting since 5:30 AM and just finished up at 8:30 PM.......I really need a friggin' nap!

I will keep posting as I finish each new painting.  


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