Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Pizza Town - Elmwood Park, New Jersey

This is the legendary Pizza Town restaurant located on route 46 in Elmwood Park, N.J. 

This place has been at this location for 50 years.  At one time there were a total of 7 of these places all over Northern N.J., but now this is the only one left. 

I remember going to one in Hackensack when I was a little kid, and being totally fascinated by the way the fluorescent light from inside would shine through the corrugated awning, creating a weird translucent glow on the outside of red, white and blue.  I also loved the neon sign.

The interior signs, which have yet to be underpainted, are the originals from 1958, which I also remember vividly.  I can't believe that I was so attracted to this colorful place as a child, and now I get the opportunity to immortalize it in paint and canvas for future generations to see and enjoy.  


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