Sunday, March 27, 2011

ArtExpo 2011 - NYC, NY

I have 2 originals and multiple prints being shown at ArtExpo in NYC this weekend. Had a great time there yesterday, signing prints and talking to a bunch of people. Thanks Marc for making this happen!!! I was able to go to this show with Cesar Santander, a very good friend who let me see his newest masterpiece in his Manhattan studio firsthand. An absolutely breathtaking painting that Cesar actually allowed my to touch, which was quite a thrill. (Anyone who has seen the movie "Pollock", knows what I'm saying). That painting was giving off some serious energy!!! Thanks Cesar!!! BTW, besides my paintings and prints, the most stunning piece of Art at the Expo was Jane Seymour.......Her paintings were pretty good too...

2 more things of note.....If you would like to respond to these posts, you have to forward the message back to my email address, you can no longer just hit "reply", I won't get the message that way anymore. Also, I have been corresponding with one of my all-time heroes quite a bit lately... John Baeder, A tremendous painter and legend in the world of Photorealism. Thanks John for being such an inspiration!!!


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