Sunday, October 10, 2010

Harlem Soccer - NYC, NY

I'm still underpainting a few new pieces and have nothing to show yet on them, but I wanted to post a few pics of this Harlem Soccer mural that is being painted at 140th Street and the West Side bike path. I have been watching the progress of this wall for the past few weeks, and am amazed at how nice it is turning out. I have to thank these very talented artists for letting me hang out with them while they work on this great piece. It's fascinating to me to see the process of graffiti art, which I found out is pretty similar to the approach that I take with my own stuff. They work from background to foreground and layer each color on top of one another. How they get such control with these big spray cans is simply awesome. Thanks Dennis and DOMS..........They will be working on this mural for a couple of weeks to come, so I'll be visiting there to take more shots of the completed wall to post on the blog.


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