Monday, September 21, 2009

Miss America Diner - Jersey City, New Jersey

Still moving along on this one...

I have been re-reading A book called "Landscape Painting" by Birge Harrison, published initially in 1909.

One of his main theories on painting from life was to paint warm colors over cool ones to obtain a natural vibration between the two, which theoretically should create the illusion of atmosphere with plain pigment on canvas.

Another great book that I will be re-reading very soon is "The Principles of Harmony and Contrast of Colors",
a masterpiece written by M.E. Chevreul in 1839 in Paris. This book focuses on how colors are affected by what other colors are placed next to them. How complementary colors enhance one another when placed side by side and how light colors vibrate when seen next to darker tones. I am amazed at how true these theories are and how they are as important and relevant now as they were when first conceived. Just my little art lesson for the day...


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