Saturday, July 10, 2010

Clover Deli,- NYC, NY

First day of work on this one yesterday...I stretched and sketched in 4 more of these 8 x 28 inch paintings and am very excited about them. I currently have 10 paintings in various stages of underpainting going on now. Guess vacation is truly over!

I had to post a few more Hawaiian images. What a beautiful place Hawaii is! I love the lava flow overtaking the road. Don't mess with Mother Nature! I was surfing on the North Shore at the Banzai Pipeline one day last week, and got smashed in the face by a nasty wave, cutting my lip open and spitting blood into the water. I felt like a real warrior out there! Scary as hell!

I think it's pretty ironic that I travel 6000 miles into all that natural beauty, and come home with images of signs!

I am including a link to the article in Poets and Artists magazine that will go directly to my pages. Might be easier for anyone who is interested to navigate that way.

Poets and Artists


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