Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wyckoff Avenue Farmhouse - Wyckoff, NJ

 Into the final stages on this painting.

These 2 paintings have been selected to be included in the exhibition "The Art of Healing", a collaborative show between The Art School at Old Church in Demarest, NJ and Englewood Medical Center in Englewood, NJ.  The exhibition runs from June 12, 2014 until October 12, 2014. The paintings will be hung in the Englewood Hospital Medical Center.

EHMC's press release states, "EHMC recognizes the healing potential of art; the display of art will enhance EHMC's culture of compassion and humanism in medicine, contributing to the comfort and wellbeing of its patients and visitors."

I am honored to be included in this very special collaboration.

I have also been informed by The Art School that they would like to show more of my work in a one-person show sometime in the near future.  

One last note:  Pearl Paint has closed up shop for good.  I have been buying supplies at the NY and NJ locations for close to 25 years.  Very sad that they couldn't hold on and remain in business.  I went to the Paramus, NJ location for their last few days of operation and bought so many supplies, all at 50% off.  I was concerned that I may have spent way too much money, but when I got home on the last day of the sale, I got word that I received a new commission that paid for all of it.  Nice!


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